Engine Tuning

Diesel Engine Tuning

Starting at £295 plus VAT

Most modern Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles are powered by turbo diesel engines, there is much potential locked away that just needs the correct knowledge and tools to extract. We work closely with Bell Auto Services of York and have equipment that can upload specific mapping designed by Pete to your Land Rover or Range Rover vehicle.

We have upgraded a surprising amount of vehicles that have already been mapped by other companies, our customers usually report that their vehicle can pull well at Motorway speeds but general drivability is very poor especially the later Defender 2.4 and 2.2 Ford derived engines, they have a tendency to kangaroo at slower speeds. Pete at Bell Auto Services focuses on getting the pedal feel just right and ensuring the engine pulls well from idle into the mid-range, not just at higher RPMS this is important on Defenders as that’s exactly how they are driven.

Petrol Engine Tuning

Starting at £395 plus VAT

Land Rover and Range Rover petrol engines vary substantially in their tuning and performance potential.

Starting with the basics we have the knowledge to properly tune and setup your old Series 2.25 petrol or 2.5L petrol 90/110, electronic ignition upgrades are very popular and the Turner Engineering gas flowed heads are also very worthwhile enhancements.

Essentially Rover V8s fitted in Defenders, Discovery’s and Range Rovers can be tuned up and upgraded quite easily, we have huge amounts of experience with the old General Motors V8! It’s powered most of the models from the 1970 Range Rover right up to the very last 2004 Discovery 2 models, 34 years’ service is quite respectable!

The more modern petrol engines are a little trickier to enhance, your limited to tinkering with the superchargers on Range Rovers, anything else involves major surgery!

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