Galvanised Chassis Fitting

The chassis is the backbone of Land Rovers and Range Rovers; between 1948-1998 all models used a separate box section chassis (two c sections welded together on later models) The Freelander was the first vehicle to use a Monocoque design in 1998 along with the third generation L322 Range Rover released in 2002, right up until 2016 Discovery 4 models and Defenders still used a separate chassis.

We can offer comprehensive repair of all chassis such as replacing cross-members and out-riggers but there does come a point where it is just not economically viable; your best option then is to have us fit a new and improved over factory chassis. Richards Chassis offer chassis to suit most Land Rover vehicles using 3mm steel for the main sections, they are box welded rather then two c sections welded together so much stronger and hot dipped galvanised for longevity.

LR-XS offer various solutions when it comes to a chassis swap on your Land Rover or Range Rover so we suggest booking the vehicle in for a pre-assessment as no two Land Rovers are the same.

There is not a one size fits all option and we are not a fan of simply throwing the old body and running gear straight on to a new chassis without at least some regard to checking and renewing key components, I have seen customers new to ourselves running a new chassis but with poor fitment and the vehicles have subsequently failed the MOT inspection.

This does not mean that we fully rebuild every vehicle that requires a new chassis, but we take care and attention to ensure that the customer is always receiving value for money and we explain any options clearly in writing before any work is undertaken.

Our customers tell us that they like our honest and open approach to any task we are charged with, this ensures transparency and trust, this is the foundation from which we work on.

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